Blister Packaging Machine
Salient Features :
Blister Packing Machine Double Track
Double Station machine.
With full SS 304 Pre-finished Sheets Cladding (CGh/P Model)
Control Panel/Back Caver Cladding in SS 304 Pre-Finished Sheets
PLC Controlled Operation
Print Registration Control
Micro Adjustment-Feeding System Mounting Assembly
Universal Batch Code Printing unit
One Set Of Change Parts inclusive Of
Blister Forming Roller
Counter Sealing Roller
Inclined Feeding channel
Guide Track · Punching Too With main Change Gears & BCP Gears
For Packing any one Size of tablets / Capsule / Tablets
Organic Acrylic Guard
Universal Non fill Detection Unit
Applications :
Unit dose hospital packs, Multi-product and child-resistant blister packs, Ampoule & vial tray packs