Bung Processor
POWERTECH Processing of bungs (electrometric closures for drug containers) is of high concern since they play a significant role in the quality and life of the final product.

The need for correct processing technology is even more important considering the complexities in the compounding of the rubber used for the closures and the non-compliance to GMP by the manufacturers of the electrometric closures.
Constructional developments :
Rotating carriage: Since uniformity of operation on the entire lot of bungs is critical, we have designed the rotating carriage that has a triangular cassette sections with perforated sides for hooking the bungs.
Sprinkling manifold: The machine is provided with sprinkling manifold arrangement over the rotating carriage that enables uniform sprinkling over the entire lot.

Fluidisation manifold: For rigorous fluidization in the processes of washing and rinsing, the Fluidization manifold causes turbulence in the water soaked bungs for effective cleaning.
The stages of bung processing that will be addressed will be loading, washing with detergent, rinsing ,siliconization , sterilization and drying.