Coating Pan / Polishing Pan
COATING PAN is widely used for Sugar coating & Film Coating of tablets, granules, food products, confectionaries etc., by offering a variety of production options particularly for food and pharmaceutical products
Salient Features :
Made In SS-304/ 316, In Gmp/ Non-Gmp Models.
Baffles Provided In Pan To Reduce Coating Time – Optional
Blower Also Provided In SS –304 For Gmp Models
Polishing Pan Can Be Mounted On The Same Unit – Drive
Electric Heaters Or Radiators For Hot Water / Steam For Hot Air Blower Optional
Spraying Unit For Film Coating Or Sugar Coating
Homogenizer For Online Mixing Of Spraying Liquid Optional
Peristaltic Pump Optional For Uniform Dosing Of Coating Liquid
Variable Speed drive optional
Flame proof motor, push button station and limit switch.
has Easy mounting arrangement for change over from Coating
Pan to Polishing Pan.
Applications :
Widely Used in Pharmaceutical, food, confectionary & Chemical and industries.