Dry Heat Sterilizers
POWERTECH MAKE Dry Heat sterilizers( HOT AIR STERILIZER) are made for sterilization of “empty vials, ampoules and bottles”, which can withstand a temperature upto 285°C
Special Features :
Class 100 hepa filter can be fitted inside and outside. The temperature variation inside the chamber will not be more than 5°C (Hottest Point & Coldest point).
Special arrangement of baffles is made for the uniform distribution of air inside the chamber.
Detachable motor with dynamically balanced impellers supported independently on heavy duty bearing.
Incolloy tubular air heater
Uniform temperature distribution with the help of well designed adjustable baffle
The trolley design is such that the loaded trolley can be pulled out easily at 65°C due to specially designed wheels.
Automatic operating controls: relay or PLC based - provision for cycle abortion or continuation in case of power failure; sensors for continuous monitoring of temperature on scanner / printer / data logger with optional printing of FH values 21CFR Part 11 compliance Printing & Recording.
Specially designed compact unit for Rubber stopper drying
Specially manufactured Silicon door gasket to ensure zero leakage during the operation.
Black particle generation is totally eradicated with the appropriate design of the heater bank, which is externally removable for maintenance saving time and energy.
PLC based control panel.
Total unit is made as per schedule “M” & WHO.