Manual Capsule Filling Machine
The machine is designed for filing into hard gelatine capsules. Ideally suited for medium /large scale pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic companies, R & D laboratories. All the contact part is made of stainless steel 304/316 quality.
Out Put :
8000 capsule per/hour for capsules size 00 to 5 for 300 holes M/C.
Interchangeability :
Interchangeable parts can be supplied for all standard size capsules.
Recommended interchangeability for optimum output : 0/00-0/1 /2-3/4/5.
Special Features :
Functional design for simplified operation – giving precise results with negligible rejection.
Sturdy, easily movable.
Easily dismantled and reassembled, even by unskilled Labour.
Excellent cost-benefit ratio.
Applications :
Widely Used in medium / large scale pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic companies and R&D laboratories.