Water for Injection System ( Multi Column Distilled Water Plant )
Water for Injection is used as a medium for majority of sterile preparations. Obviously it has to match the highest specifications as per the international standards of pharmaceutical world.

This translates to having a WFI generation system that is built to high sophistication level and strict process control to maintain WFI chemical parameters within the permissible limits.

At POWERTECH our WFI GENERATION SYTEM meets all of these demands with simplicity and style. Our team of technical experts with proven r&d capabilities have designed the MEDS to meet all quality requirements in terms of equipment construction as well as WFI QUALITY.

WE ensure careful construction to prevent any stagnation of water within the unit in terms of dead leg areas and accurate instrumentation system that controls the parameters of the generated WFI within permissible limits. With this our system meets all specifications as laid down by USFDA&. UKMCA.