Pure Steam Generator
POWERTECH - pure steam generator is used to produce pyrogen free sterile steam for sterilization.

It meets the IP / BP, USP, US FDA standards and is used for sterilization in fermentors, reactors, pipelines & autoclaves. It is also used for humidification of sterile area.
Operation :
D.M. Water is pre-heated in pre-heaters (2 – 3 Nos) before it passes to the main column where it gets converted into pure pyrogen free sterile steam by taking heat from boiler steam at 6 Kg/Cm2 pressure. It is provided with SS control valve for throttling the steam.
Special Features :
Specially designed to produce sterile & pyrogen free steam @ 2.5 – 3 kg/cm2 (142°C).
Double safety provided in the first column as boiler steam is present there.
Provided with automatic control panel board with fault detection system.
All contact parts in SS 316 / SS 316 L quality.
Sterile steam passes through LAL TEST.
Available from 100 Kgs/Hr to 1000 Kgs/Hr.
Applications :
Large volume parenterals in glass containers, rigid or semi-rigid plastic, flexible plastic. Injectable products in plastic ampoules, syringe ampoules. Solution in plastic metering containers, in cans with flip-off or threaded closures.
These sterilizers are available in two types.
TYPE A – Automatic & laterally sliding with pneumatic cylinders. TYPE B – Semi automatic & laterally hinged type.