Super Heated Water Spray Sterilizer
The technology of super heater steam sterilizer was developed specifically for terminal treatment of solutions in closed flexible containers.

It was developed primarily to overcome the temperature-pressure restrictions of the conventional steam sterilizer, so as to counter act the effects of the overpressure which unavoidably forms inside containers when they are sterilized using conventional saturated-steam autoclaves.

With several years of technical expertise in the field of Sterilization and an unquenched thirst for innovation, our team of trained and dedicated Engineers has developed a product, which can comply with all international regulations like ASME, USFDA, EN285, ISO and HTM 2010.
SHWSS equipment is the most appropriate to meet these demands and can be used for a wide range of applications & With that it also performs load cooling with a sterile fluid, either water or air.
Feature and Application
Large Volume parenterals in containers.
Small volume parenterals in flexible containers.
Ready to eat food items that are vacuum packed and need an increased shelf life.
For Strerilization of fluids in glass or plastic containers.
All contact partsin S.S.316.
Provision of Sterile Air Pressure compensation for balancing the pressure created by the liquids in the container.
Complete automation with P.L.C. controls covering all parameters including printout of F 0 values